Telangana Current Affairs 10 October 2017 Topic is Telangana Politics. Nice Bits and Very Useful Bits this is a Today Telangana Cloud Affairs.

Telangana Current Affairs

Telangana Current Affairs 10 October 2017

1. The Panchayati Sashakti Karan Award 2017 has been selected for any district in Telangana
a) Nizamabad            b) Warangal
c) Karimnagar           d) Mahabubabad
Answer: c

2. What is the Telangana position of the farmers’ killing report 2017?
a) 1st                     b) 2nd
c) 3rd                     d) 4th
Answer: b

3. When was it announced that the Korean industrial park would be set up in Telangana?
a) 9 January 2017                   b) 19 January 2017
c) 10 January 2017                 d) 20 January 2017
Answer: b

4. For the first time in the country, the kites were scattered by the remote
a) Hyderabad                  b) Mumbai
c) Chennai                      d) Bengaluru
Answer: a

5. How many sites were created on the Telangana state assembly on 6 March 2017
a) 5                         b) 6
c) 4                         d) 2
Answer: c

6. On March 2017, MP Kavitha won any award?
a) Jhansi Laxmi Bai                   b) Padma Sri
c) Padma Bhusan                     d) Padma Vibhusan
Answer: a
7. How many crores have been allocated for the tourism development of Jangamma district?
a) 30 Crore                          b) 20 Crore
c) 40 Crore                          d) 35 crore
Answer: c

8. Which district is the first in rice production?
a) Nizamabad                        b) Karimnagar
c) Warangal                          d) Medhak
Answer: a

9. Minister Pocharam Srinivas Reddy Maa bhumi – Maa Panta when started mobile App
a) 25 May 2017                              b) 22 May 2017
c) 20 May 2017                              d) 29 May 2017
Answer: b

10. Which is the first state to introduce a digital wallet in the country
a) Telangana                                b) Andra Pradesh
c) Maharastra                               d) Tamilnadu
Answer: a

11. The first state to start a medical equipment park
a) Andra Pradesh                     b) Telangana
c) Tamilnadu                         d) Kerala
Answer: b

12. Who started the T-wallet
a) KCR                                          b) KTR
C) Talasani Srinivas Yadav              d) Pocham Srinivas Reddy
Answer: b

13. How many crores have been allotted to the Fisheries Scheme in Telangana
a) 1000 Crore                          b) 2000 crore
c) 5000 crore                           d) 1500 crore
Answer: a

14. Gopalaratna award 2017 was given to anyone
a) Gopal Krishna                                   b) Krishna Kanth
c) Vedhire Sudheer Chandra Reddy        d) Sampath Kumar
Answer: c

15. Who is the Leader of Telangana Association of Author?
a) Goreti Venkanna                               b) Suddhala Ashok Teja
c) Nasheshvaram Shankaram                d) Vendematram Srinivas
Answer: c

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