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Current Affairs 11 February 2018

Current Affairs 11th February 2018 National and International

1. Indian para cyclists win one silver, two bronze at Asian Championships

The Indian unforeseen won a silver decoration and two bronze awards at the Asian Para-Cycling Championships held in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. A year ago’s silver medallist Divij Shah rehashed his silver-winning execution while BSF trooper Harinder Singh won bronze adding to his bronze from the most recent year. New participant Madhu Bagri turn into the principal para cyclist to win a universal award close by cycling

2. Salary Tax Department requests that extensive investors document returns by March 31

The Income Tax Department has asked individuals who stored “a lot of money” present demonetisation on record assessment forms by March 31. The office said it was the last shot for documenting “late or reexamined returns” for evaluation years 2016-17 and 2017-18. It has additionally advised qualified trusts, political gatherings, and relationship to record their profits and “tell the truth”.

3. Eight Year Old Indian inception young lady enters UK Math Hall of Fame

Sohini Roy Chowdhury, eight-year-old Indian-inception schoolgirl has entered the UK’s Mathletics Hall of Fame, an online arithmetic based focused device went for grade school students. She made it into the main 100 World Hall of Fame subsequent to unraveling scientific riddles with speed and precision. New Delhi conceived Sohini joined the opposition this year as an understudy of Nelson Primary School in Birmingham.

4. More than 200 researchers mimic tests for first kept an eye on mission to Mars in Oman abandon

More than 200 researchers from 25 countries are leading recreation tests in the huge sandy landscape of Dhofar Desert in southern Oman for a kept an eye on mission to Mars. Researchers from over the world sent thoughts for tests and the mission, named AMADEE-18, rapidly developed to 16 logical trials, for example, testing a “tumbleweed” whip-quick robot wanderer and another space suit called Aouda. The forefront spacesuit, weighing around 50 kilograms, is known as an “individual spaceship” since one can inhale, eat and do hard science inside it. The suit’s visor shows maps, correspondences and sensor information. A blue bit of froth before the jaw can be utilized to wipe your nose and mouth.

5. Intel sets a Guinness world record with 1,218 automatons at 2018 Winter Olympic Games

The opening service of the Winter Olympic Games 2018 saw a record-setting execution of 1,218 automatons (unmanned airborne vehicles), flying in a state of harmony to make immense arrangements of different Olympic games and the notable Olympic rings. This record was set by Intel. The automatons set a world record for the ‘most unmanned ethereal vehicles airborne at the same time,’ which was beforehand held by 500 automatons amid a 2016 execution in Germany.

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