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Cloud Affairs Nobel Prize History Questions and Answers

1. The Nobel Prize has been started from any year
a) 1900                       b) 1901
c) 1902                       d) 1903
Answer: b

2. The Nobel Prize is awarded to the winners on any day
a) December 10         b) December 20
c) December 25         d) November 20
Answer: a

3. Peace Nobel Prize is awarded at any location
a) Sweden                b) Narve
c) America                d) Landon
Answer: b

4. The Nobel Prize is awarded to how many sectors
a) 7                         b) 8
c) 10                       d) 6
Answer: d

5. What was the three-time Nobel Prize-winning company?
a) Red Cross                              b) Blu Cross                                                                 c) Kerolin Medical Institute         d)   Bank of Sweden                                                         Answer: a

6. Who is the Nobel Prize-winning at the very young age?
a) Leonid Gurevich                b) Lloyd S. Shapley
c) Dorece Lessing                  d) Larence Brag
ANswer: d

7. Who won the Nobel Prize in both Physics and Chemistry
a) Leenas Pauling                    b) Jhon Bartin
c) UNHCR                               d) Mery Quiri
Answer: d

8. Who was the first Nobel Prize in Chemistry?
a) Mery Query                 b) Leenas Paling
c) Hernias Want Haaf       d) Phedaric Sagar
Answer: c

9. Who is the Nobel Prize-winning Woman at a young age?
a) Malala                b) Dorece Lessing
c) Larence Brag      d) Mery Query
Answer: a

10. Who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2017
a) Jacques Dubochet         b) Michael Rosbash
c) Thaler                          d) Jeffrey C.Hall
Answer: c

2017 Nobel Prize Winning List

1. Physics
a) Rainer Weiss
b) Barry C. Barish
c) Kip S. Thorne

2. Chemistry

a) Jacques Dubochet
b) Joachim Frank
c) Richard Henderson

3. Physiology

a) Jeffery C. Hall
b) Michael Rosbash
c) Michael W. yOUNG

4. Literature

a) Kazuo Ishiguro

5. Economic

a) Thaler

6. Peace

a) International Campaign To Abolish Nuclear Weapons

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