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Current Affairs 9 October 2017 Quiz

Cloud Affairs 9 October 2017


1. Simona Holler, who reached number one in tennis
2. She belongs to the Romanian nation
3. Romania achieved the feat of becoming the first player to reach the top of the country
4. Simona Haleep was 26 years old
5. She defeated the Chinese athlete and reached the top spot


1. After the Prime Minister, Modi first visited his hometown( 10/8/2017)
2. Modi’s hometown is Vadanagar
3. The tour began on 10/8/2017
4. Modi will visit there for two days


1. Raghuram Rajan seems to be in the race for Nobel Prize
2. He is a former governor
3. He was the Governor of the Reserve Bank for three years
4. Retired on September 4, 2016
5. Currently working as a faculty at the University of Chicago

Current Affairs Cloud Question and Answers

1.who is the first lady mayor to Patna, Bihar state
a) Mayavathi                            b) Smruthi Heerani
c) Jaya Lalitha                          d)Sitha Shahu
Answer: d

2. In which time first Diwali festival celebrations held in united nations?
a) 2016, October 2                      b) 2017, October 2
c) 2016, November 2                   d) 2017, October 1
Answer: a

3. In which time Narendra Modi visit Portugal first time?
a) June 24th, 2017                   b) July 24th, 2017
c) June 25th, 2017                   d) June 27th, 2017
Answer: a

4. In which time Narendra Modi visit Nederland first time?
a) June 24th, 2017                   b) June 27th, 2017
c) June 25th, 2017                   d) June 26th, 2017
Answer: b

5. when was Malabar Military acrobatics in India held?
a) July 10th, 2017                   b) July 11th, 2017
c) July 12th, 2017                   d) July 15th, 2017
Answer: a

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