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Five-Year Plan Growth Rate

Affairs Cloud Quiz Question and Answers 13 Oct 2017

1.When was the first five-year plan?
a) 1951-1956    b) 1956-1961
c) 1961-9166    d) 1966-1969
Answer: a

2.When was the 2nd five-year plan?
a) 1951-1956       b) 1956-1961
c)1966-1969        d) 1961-9166
Answer: b

3. The first five-year plan has started from any day
a) 1951 April 1       b) 1951 April 3
c) 1951 April 2       d) 1951 April 6
Answer: a

4. Who is the Chairman of the First Five-Year Plan Association
a) Gandhi                    b) Nehru
c) Sarojini Nayudu       d) Gurjarilal Nandha
Answer: b

5. How much is the first five-year plan cost
a) 2000 Crore        b) 3450 Crore
c)1503 Crore          d) 1960 Crore
Answer: d

6.The first five-year plan is the goal of GDP
a) 4.5%               b) 2.5%
c) 2.1%               d) 2.9%

7. What is the goal of the GDP in the second Five-year plan?
a) 4.5%           b) 2.5%
c)5.5%            d) 5.9%
Answer: a

8. The war with China took place in a five-year plan
a) 2nd                b) 3rd
c)4th                 d)5th

9. The war with Pakistan took place in the Five-Year Plan
a) 3                    b) 4
c)6                     d) 2
Answer: a

10. Nehru died in any five-year plan
a) 2nd                    b) 3rd
c) 4th                    d) 5th
Answer: b

11. Who is the Prime Minister during the Fourth Five-Year Plan?
a Nehru                   b) Rajiv Gandhi
c) Indhira Gandhi     d) Sonia Gandhi
Answer: c

12. When was the sixth Five Year Plan?
a) 19885-1990                     b)1980-195
c) 1974-1978                       d) 1992-1997
Answer: b

13. The growth rate of the 9th Five-Year Plan
a) 5%                                   b) 5.5%
c) 5.4%                                d) 5.8%
Answer: c

14. When was the tenth five-year plan?
a) 2002-2007                  b) 1997-2002
c) 1985-1990                  d) 2007-2012
Answer: a

15. What is the growth rate of the tenth five-year plan?

a)10.2%         b) 7.5%
c) 7.8%          d) 10%
Answer: c

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